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Activity of forum of trend of development of office building of Chengdu high end
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The building city of 2008, in the country the pressure of macroscopical policy adjusting control falls, commodity house is inflicted heavy losses on unprecedentedly, accordingly a lot of development business that give priority to with the residence begin to ponder over transition. Because industrial real estate is in building city demand is big, hire also has the ascendant space that comparative, because this is in building city to last low 8 years when confuse, become development business extremely likely to seek those who develop the transition that the product innovates to make.

The office building of Chengdu was supplied 2007 control in 650 thousand square metre, with compared 2006, growth exceeds 30% . Clinch a deal the amplitude of the quantity is likewise apparent. At present the empty buy rate of office building of the first class on field of the Chengdu City is only 30% . This occupies the healthy rate that also showed current market well. According to statistic, chengdu had the system capacity of first class office building to achieve 320 thousand square metre, in future 3 years, supply system capacity to will still grow continuously. Below the big setting that develops in Chengdu economy high speed, predict 2010, gross of office building of Chengdu first class will achieve left and right sides of 1 million square metre.

Enter 2008, office building of Chengdu high end was risked like emerge ground come out, height is one of window of high-end office building, be fond of year of square like what be in 190 meters when build, the double tower of 280 meters international banking center. Ave along the line and city Na Xincheng centered many office building project east, amount to more than 20 according to statistical amount, if international is financial center, medium,believe square of square, aerospace edifice, benevolence constant, happy event year square, medium letter edifice, Morgan is center, medium annulus edifice.

The near future, by city business affairs bureau takes the lead, Davis of international of Wei Lishi of nation of travel of couplet of quantity of Dai Deliang travel, intermediate, world, high power, the first peace and tranquility, Gao Wei is round-the-world this 6 big operators. Later the business affairs office building of Chengdu can press directive standard with be a principle of one's own accord, cent is top class, first class and second class 3 level. Chief says related bureau of city business affairs, the hope improves quality of Chengdu office building through this action, improve business affairs to serve an environment, attract orgnaization of domestic and international finance and Chengdu of big company settle.

Whether do this also mean the protagonist that will high-end office building become Chengdu building city 2008? Look be like hide the office building property of business chance whether lead Chengdu building city to walk out of fan bureau? Which kinds of office building does field of the Chengdu City need most at present? The supply of the high-end office building with so huge market, the market whether digest? Whether to meet to the hire level of property of high-end office building influential? To office building consumer, is the choice used or property of investment office building should Where is the value that from what the respect goes to judge office building? Chengdu of market of office building of the high end after 8 years go situation how?
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