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The expert teachs you how to choose appropriate office building
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The position is crucial, policy hurried appreciates

Value of respecting a sector of an area, the theory of ” of “ a sector of an area of landed bound is actually in application of office building market more deep. Everybody is talking each big trade group, a mature trade group can have resource of all ready municipal infrastructure, commerce and business affairs form a complete set, more mean talent, technology, information and capital concentrated. Orgnaization of ZhongGuanCun education, scientific research gathers, provided outstanding manpower resource and advanced technical support to join a company. Of course, value of a sector of an area is high, the optional location cost of the enterprise also will raise.

The situation of good liaison man and gold seems is the relation of fish and bear's paw. The stand or fall of traffic situation affects the business affairs cost of the enterprise directly, with employee connect diligent cost and office efficiency, meet those who affect pair of business opportunities hold even. Urban center embraces central traffic situation to already became enterprise and employee the most painful the thing that ache. Multidimensional traffic system should be the handiest and feasible method that improves traffic condition, this is why the project with increasing orbit easy communication in the market increasingly welcome reason.

A mature gather ground that still can become big company without the area, attract shut downstream industry gather together with its, own complete industrial chain, form benign loop. The area with likely optional location, the likelihood has more opportunities and client resource, promotional the collaboration with circumjacent and relevant enterprise and connection, this also are one of important levels of optional location of disparate industry business.

Of course, the development of area of a business affairs follows policy is be closely bound up, the development that to facilitating each business encircles and relevant industry collect policy tendency and favourable measure produced tremendous effect. If financial market chamber of commerce, CBD is in charge of appoint the favourable policy that company of a few banking can announce to be entered after Ceng Xian, accelerated the rate that the industry collects. So, chose likely area to enjoy relevant policy privilege and service possibly.

Will integratedly look, choose likely area to regard office as the place, can help oneself enterprise get taller profit get one's own back not only, can form at the same time area and enterprise are promoted jointly and develop, improve the industrial standard of area and industrial image, implementation both double win.

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