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Ji Ni announces global dilate plans garden of industry of optional location Chan
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Redmond, washington city (on April 15, 2008) - the one share that plans as global dilate, american Ji Ni company, the leading sheep of industry of headroom work platform and it is Teleikesi group (NYSE: The subsidiary of TEX) , branch of headroom work platform (Terex AWP) , new production factory chose in China. Announcing this is afterwards spy ministry of platform of Rex headroom work begins those who produce Ji Ni brand to cut in British Coventry model headroom work platform, with the Perugia that cares about big profit manufacturing music arm headroom works another news after platform and forked outfit machine.

“ is in 2007, we had occupied very big scale Mr ”Tim Ford in the sale outside North America area, teleikesi the president of ministry of headroom work platform, say “ is increasing in our market inside global limits and we devote oneself to to offer the product of world-class, have the design that is in place and production according to local requirement. Globalization is made will shorten we give all clients offer goods period, the productivity that this will regard the add function of new plant as to raise us to have will support our whole world effectively the client of each area.

Ji Ni chooses to be located in Shanghai northwest ministry, the garden of Chinese Changzhou industry of Cheng of car of a few hours sets a plant, will be in the break earth of the 2nd quarter this year. Will devote oneself to the production of platform of work of movable type headroom at first, but the product of headroom work platform that after be in, this factory will produce whole series. Besides Ji Ni's product, choosing Changzhou industry garden is to stem from the consideration that enlarges capacity, make will become the one part that for Teleikesi the group makes garden division henceforth.

“ is told always, asian market, especially Chinese market, it is to be in rise in study fall importance phase Mr ”Tim Ford of line of the products says, a kind of safety that platform of “ headroom work regards the personnel that works in headroom as chooses by more and more by extensive acceptance. Ji Ni company of ” United States, regard Teleikesi as the one part of ministry of headroom work platform, the office established in China 10 years before, and with offerring high grade product is mixed outstanding client supports and famed. Headroom work platform is popularized in a lot of industries of China, include etc of dockyard, airport, hotel, factory.

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