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Xiaogong manages in optional location guideline
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" the demand that buy the home "
Monovalent 15000 yuan the following or hire under 6 yuan / day / square metre
Mr Zhao is the boss of an ad firm, the company already grew ten present staff from 6 employee two years ago, but hire all the time, office room is cramped, every time the client arrives visit, mr Zhao feels “ does not have face ” . After the Spring Festival passes, mr Zhao decides to change location of one department office, if the price is likely,buy, or it is to lease the office building with a bit taller class.
Mr Zhao tells a reporter, if be to buy office building, he can susceptive total prices is 4 million yuan or so, the area should come in 200 square metre between 300 square metre. The office building that also can consider to hire 300 square metre to control handles official bussiness, hire should be controlled in 20 dollars / month / square metre is the following, be equivalent to exceeding 6 yuan / day / square metre. As to the place, mr Zhao expresses, had better be to be inside the business affairs circle such as financial market, CBD, ZhongGuanCun, adjacent perhaps these trade groups. Additional, a few have appreciate the office building inside the burgeoning trade group of latent capacity also can consider.

" the reporter makes an on-the-spot investigation "
4 projects can hire ZhongGuanCun can buy, open quotation rent is low
According to the requirement of Mr Zhao, the reporter falls optional location place in ZhongGuanCun above all. ZhongGuanCun area is centered in carry out office building, the first class office building that entered town last year is the area with whole town most to the limit of one's capacity, price from 11500 yuan - 16800 yuan / square metre differs, among them with 12000 yuan - 13000 yuan / the project of price is in the majority between square metre, this compares those who accord with Mr Zhao to buy a requirement greatly.
The reporter found academic international edifice very quickly, bright and beautiful autumn the project such as office building of center of bank of international edifice, great river. Among them, center of great river bank is current have not open quotation, optional room is bigger; Academic international edifice, bright and beautiful autumn the core a sector of an area that international edifice all is located in ZhongGuanCun, collected numerous medium and small businesses, begin professional work to Mr Zhao company relatively convenient, and these two projects sell not only, still rent external, mr Zhao can be hired or buy, more agile on means.
According to 21 centuries great undertaking of praedial Beijing culmination joins in the professional personage of inn introduces, at present the hire quote of a few new projects when open quotation is in ZhongGuanCun commonly 16 dollars - 18 dollars / month / between square metre, should enter halt rate achieve 60% - 70% when, the price can rise somewhat. Accordingly, proposal Mr Zhao is OK when leasing office building the project of first selection firm open quotation.
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