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A few days ago, quality of “ indoor air was hanged before the door of two advanced office building of Shanghai the brand of outstanding class ” . This is Shanghai first hanging out one's shingle unit. The white-collars that work in such office building can be at ease when —— goes to work, they can breathe pure and fresh, healthy air. Pass what kind of evaluation, does ability hang “ the brand of outstanding ” ? Reporter special interview the Shanghai indoor environment that organizes grade purifies association to concern an expert.

The brand of “ outstanding ” is not informal hair

Before Shanghai world rich can be held 2010, condition of Shanghai room core purifies association to prepare to establish outstanding unit of quality of 300 indoor air in Shanghai. Message, association receives the application telephone call of more than 20 units inside a few days.

Who thinks application is OK? Either. Want to gain application competence, must pass first in the phone the first close.

Sell field, Internet bar and public place of entertainment greatly, there all is data to make clear in the investigation before association, question of presence of indoor air quality is more. According to the opinion of association expert group, the fundamental job of these units and relevant management system still remain to perfect.

In the phone, the expert will be preliminary the public situation that understanding prepares to apply for to detect, outdoor have wait a moment without construction site, public utility. “ speaks situation, we know whether the environment all round it accords with check mark to allow. Be like the office building near greenbelt of land home mouth, cross this to close to be no problem, and some places, building site is all round, face closely perhaps wear a road high, the environment suffers an effect for certain. Condition of core of ” Shanghai room purifies association Qiu Jun of controller of working group of evaluation of indoor air quality says.

Who does not think “ to register the trademark of a ‘ outstanding ’ before the door? Had this sign, will tell to some units, be equal to had beneficial result. ” Qiu Jun says. But judging actor is not to be individual unit service, enrage quality to promote Shanghai public integral sky however, arouse social all circles to enrage the attention of quality to indoor sky. “ so, this closes must severe, the brand is not informal hair. ”

Every office building selectives examination at least 10 people

Smoking of how many employee does “ have inside your working place? You are to working the have dinner inside the dot, be still in formulary place have dinner? Whether do you have the habit that the window opens first after going to work? ”

When resting between company boiled water, center of banking of mouth of Pudong land home the foreign enterprise employee of an office building Mr Zhang is investigated random “ clutchs staff ” , filled " the construction is interior air quality evaluation investigates questionnaire " .
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