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Seminar of Olympic Games economy says Beijing house price still can rise
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Beijing economy year increase a percent

According to estimation, arrived 2002 between 2007, growth of economy of stimulative Beijing of Olympic Games element is annual a percent.

Chen Jian says, after Beijing obtains the Olympic Games to hold advantageous position, arrived 2002 between 2007, annual growth rate 12.1% , tower above of rate of the growth before making preparations than the Olympic Games 1.8 percent, having a percent among them is driven by place of Olympic Games element.

2008 first half of the year, the proportion that Beijing tertiary industy increases a value to hold area total output value from 2002 61.3% rise 73.7% , among them a main factor is the machine that Beijing uses an Olympic Games to make preparations, increased industrial structural adjustment, promote Beijing and circumjacent area cooperation.

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