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Royal King Times Square office is your ideal choice for office
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Royal King west of Times Square in Beijing is committed to creating a set of five-star hotel - Royal King Hotel, offices, restaurants, entertainment, leisure, quality one-stop business as one integrated project. Rong Jin Times Square, Close to the Zhongguancun district, Wudaokou district, Zhichun Road shopping district, Beijing West "golden triangle" the center of the fate of the return. Royal King Times Square office, podium inside the 3-layer, 6-story office building floor area of the whole project Weiyi reached 4500 square meters of office space, an area can be combined division, meet all kinds of companies and enterprises of different needs, the hotel An international conference center, function rooms, business centers, international business matching, Chinese and Western restaurants, fitness, swimming, beauty salon, billiards and other leisure and entertainment for your busy work is of a cheerful Italy, high unit utilization to achieve maximum use of space, relying on diversity, perfect function, Royal King, Times Square set is your ideal choice for office. Rong Jin Times Square area of 93,000 square meters building, with 1,000 parking spaces for large scale parking seats, mainly in the high-end business services group.
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