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cold heating adds weather a fire
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- 22 ℃ ! Enter " the third nine-day period after the winter solstice-coldest days of winter " hind, shen Cheng appears to drop in temperature considerably continuously weather. Begin from January 12, major heating business takes step, increase heating parameter.

The weather is cold, multi-purpose and high grade coal

Look from heating industry characteristic, it is normally on one year freeze-up is entered after December 10.

After entering freeze-up, each heating company will be strict the requirement according to freeze-up heating, severe temperature of the water supply that stares at station of boiler room, heat exchange, backwater, undertake in time modulatory accordingly according to air temperature change, can use high grade coal more at the same time, through improving heating quality, will assure to 16 ℃ are achieved in citizen home.

Complain, it is in rush to repair

Reporter that day from " 12319 " hot line of Shenyang city building understands, from 8 when the left and right sides, got a citizen in succession about heating respect complain. Arrive 19 when the left and right sides, "12319 " the citizen that accepts heating respect in all is complained 20 many. Medium room temperature does not amount to mark or these citizens mirror the home mostly is flat without heating.

After the reporter understands to relevant section, be informed, that day, wait for a reason because of cut off the water supply, power cut, cause Shen Cheng specific area cannot normal heating. After the problem appears, each area heating does, heating company is cooperating to have rush to repair with all one's strength with relevant section. When distributing news dispatches up to the reporter, partial breakdown has eliminated, heating gets resumptive.

Supervise, protect room temperature to amount to mark

To ensure the heating quality of each heating company, branch of city heating director is built, perfected industry director, basic level to supervise a mechanism, increased pair of heating trades the supervisory limits of real time supervisory system, one have unusual meeting to contact heating company at any time.

That day, relevant controller introduces bureau of city house property, since Shenyang city air temperature goes low continuously on the weekend, participate in heating to wrap the leads that maintain system of job responsibility to reach phone understanding through be being visited on the spot, the heating area that is in charge of to place selectives examination heating parameter, collect citizen heating to complain, the heating parameter that stands to boiler room, heat exchange from industry director angle undertakes supervisory selectiving examination.

[our newspaper reminds]

If citizen home is medium central heating is not heated up or be room temperature does not amount to mark, can the boiler room with the place or it is heat exchange station gets in touch. If the problem is couldn't get,solve, OK still what phone connection belongs to heating of heating company, area to do reach " 96191 " the hot line undertakes complaining.
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