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Difference of north and south of market of countrywide office building is appare
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Level of hire of market of Beijing office building rises continuously. Pattern of full price of Shanghai office building appears piece rise trend. The performance of office building market of Guangzhou is shown slightly first quarter inferior

In the past 2008 in first quarter, market of countrywide office building appears a different situation. Although be changed an effect by global economic situation, chinese GDP is added this year fast will put delay, but the economic climate that because its are small,is 3 ground of the representing with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou is different, office building market appears a different feature.

Because of the influence of good news of Olympic Games interest, level of hire of market of Beijing office building rises continuously, and the Shanghai that regards Chinese economy as the center, because of buying demand exuberant, pattern of office building full price appears piece rise trend. Differ with Beijing, Shanghai, the performance of office building market of Guangzhou is shown slightly first quarter inferior.

Beijing: Olympic Games profit is good, hire rises

Dai Deliang released a few days ago all right this year estate market report shows first quarter, 2008 first quarter, market of office building of Beijing first class is active degree picks up apparently.

As a batch new project is finished hire level beforehand and investment is used, this year first quarter, beijing field inducts a quantity to return higher level afresh, achieve 21. 90 thousand square metre, rate of buy of whole town average sky continues to drop to 9. 3 % . This quarterly Beijing is complete hire of city average month and on the quarter keeps balance, press usable floor area plan, for the RMB 223 yuan / square metre. Among them, the market vivid jerk with CBD and good profit from of group of financial market trade, average rent rises somewhat. And east the average rent that 2 ring business encircles gets of new project pull move very apparent, litre achieved 19 % .

On market of first class office building add project majority newly to be unified property right, this makes sale market increasingly dull, this quarter is not had clinch a deal greatly happen. Quote as the part inferior older project finishs a sale to exit the market, press floor area plan, this quarterly Beijing rises whole town average quoted price is small 1. 9 % reach 24111 yuan / square metre.

In addition, those who deserve attention is, inside a month after first quarter, many trade group increased new supply once more, the world trade large building that includes CBD trade group is formal practice, buy the project of this office building of the development that finish to had finished particular area by world trade group rent; The center of smooth big international of financial block region already also began to enrol business external, at present as a result of financial market development has entered end, should adding 5A class office building newly is remnant of financial market place not much add newly supply; In addition Olympic Games area also has new supply in the near future, the Gemini of center of boreal annulus international that develops by initiate buy course of study also begins to be popularized external.
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