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Property tax next year or " the idling is solid "
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Tax total bureau is in the country prepare carry out face layer upon layer difficulty

Crown of Luo Zhi of reporter of new wall bulletin

Total bureau of national tax Wu expresses on the press conference of circumstance of revenue of before 3 quarters that relevant controller held a few days ago in duty Wu total bureau, the preparation before our country is undertaking property tax comes on stage works, pilot hopeful next year " turn solid " . But authoritative personage thinks, although government and people hope property tax can come on stage as soon as possible, but still have earnestly of layer upon layer problem at present

Need to solve. It is reported, since 2003, our country is in Beijing, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Shenzhen, Tianjin to wait for 10 cities cent to approve early or late criticize tax as estate imitate pilot, current and pilot still be in " idling " period, did not collect tax actually namely, but all working measure are mixed like collecting tax truly.

Expert introduction, be in now " idling " pilot city, although early days had done a large number of survey and pilot work, but because dispute of property Shui Kaizheng is bigger, the job of place drag in and branch are more, of property tax carry out encountered quite large block. As we have learned, beijing is in the first batch to have property tax " idling " pilot, because leave,ask for property tax to much work wants to do, collect fees like the chaos that settles estate problem, cancel relevant collect fees, return drag in to arrive a lot of branches, a lot of and harmonious job had be notted solve.

"Whether imposing property tax to the individual is the main problem that faces at present, " cess of total bureau of national tax Wu manages Cao Cong indicates pair of inspector, "Property tax belongs to property tax, be in abroad is the main source of finance income, and in home, the country is only right land levy, do not have the precedent of pair of personal property levy. Do not have the precedent of pair of personal property levy..

Chinese duty Wu learns director, zhongshan university taxation and Yang Weihua of director of research center of conduct financial transactions think, how property tax is collected also is the central issue that poses controversy, be in abroad is to press square area to limit those who impose a standard, be like Japan, Korea.

According to introducing, collect means no more than 3 kinds: It is to stipulate every family avoids how many area, the share that exceed gift levy taxes; The 2nd it is according to a person the head avoids how many area; The 3rd kind is according to large family model come levy, exceed particular area door model gift levy taxes. There already was a branch to ever suggested to be in partial area to be begun to high-grade housing, large family housing before collect property tax fact to turn pilot, start doorsill of level levy taxes can be decided a bit higher, tax rate is decided a bit lowlier.

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