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"Idling " pilot add to 10 provinces conduce of tax of property of city ask forri
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Suffer the property tax that fix eyes upon to advance the job to spreading out in order fully. Total bureau of national tax Wu and Ministry of finance approved Anhui, Henan, Fujian, Tianjin recently 4 provinces city criticizes tax for imitate of estate property tax pilot area, add first Beijing, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Shenzhen, Ningxia and Chongqing, at present already 10 save area city to begin property tax to collect " idling " move. The expert expresses, hopeful next year is in area of part of the choice in having city of area of 10 pilot provinces to have property tax " solid turn " move, of property tax proof stablize conduce house price.

Total bureau of national tax Wu is preparing actively to publish property tax

The personage expresses related total bureau of national tax Wu, basic frame has determined property tax, estate of duty of will active house property, city value added tax of duty, land and gold of land sell one's own things collect fees amalgamative, translate into house property retains the property tax that level unites collection. That is to say, the tax that one-time pay needs when consumer buys a house now, put year of pay is pressed after buying a house.

Dr. Wang Yousong introduces university of central finance and economics, property tax also calls praedial tax, its levy object basically is land, building wait praedial, requirement its tenant or possessory want capture every year to pay regular tax payment, and should the tax cost of pay is met as market prise lift and rise. Property tax " idling " move, it is to show the capital on fictitious meaning circulates, although do not have effective levy, but all measure and actual technological process collecting tax is same, participate in jointly by finance department, house property branch and land management department, statistical property amount, hand-in-hand travel is evaluated and taxation statistic.

The reporter understands from relevant channel, as property tax the 2nd round of imitate is pilot start and each preparation work is ceaseless and perfect, property tax has left to be asked for formally closer and closer, extremely possible next year ends " idling " moving condition. It is reported, concerned branch already to table a proposal, plan to rise from next year, begin to high-grade housing, large family housing in partial area impose property tax " solid turn " pilot, enlarge property tax imitate to judge the limits with pilot duty appropriately.

Dot and tax rate are imposed since property tax most get people attention

Property tax is collected fiducial the height that reachs tax rate is the problem that people cares most undoubtedly. Somebody thinks, press the delimit of existing housing policy, the housing area of 90 square metre should be revenue datum line; Somebody thinks, have the 2nd flatlet to should collect property tax; Return somebody to think, the room of policy sex changes a room to should be distinguished treat. The expert expresses, because our country housing already was divided,be housing of commodity house and safeguard sex two kinds big, divide again in commodity house for average house and high-grade residence, because this property tax is met probably,classification is collected.
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