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Impose property tax imperative it is difficult to buy Fang Rong possibly in the
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Impose property tax imperative, it not only can reduce estate to invest development venture, balanced duty is lost, and still can reduce consumer to buy a house " doorsill " , enhance common people to improve the opportunity of housing and ability. But, property tax regards a system as the project, involve a lot of aspects, manage like where to a few new cases that appear likely, also should cause think.

Building city drops in temperature gradually, "The person that fry a room " beginning fight in some places one by one " fry orchid " ...

Latter, will open the message frequency that imposes property tax to appear in the newspaper about estate upright, because leave,imposing property tax is project of a system, drag in trade is much, involve range wide, matter to the personal interest of each townsman, it is a sensitive topic, because this caused industry and the wide attention of the person that buy a house.

Impose property tax imperative

The market economy country with the at present mature great majority on the world executes property tax means, and large quantities of developing countries also had begun to use this kind of method. So-called property tax, basically wait in the light of land, building praedial, requirement its tenant or possessory want capture every year to pay regular tax payment, and should the tax cost of pay is met as its market prise lift and rise.

Last year the Central Committee of Communist Party of China 16 3 in plenary meeting puts forward clearly: "Executive town builds duty to expend reform, when the condition is had, be opposite praedial a property tax that imposes uniform standard, cancel to concern accordingly collect fees. " after this, when the authoritative personage of total bureau of the Ministry of finance and national tax Wu is making public a circumstance to elaborate next taxation to reform main train of thought, also allude for many times " property tax " content. Recently, coulee of week of president of Chinese people bank expresses, our country will be in opportune opportune moment is pilot executive property tax, will be opposite at the appointed time praedial impose tax of unified and normative property, cancel the tax cost that other and estate concern accordingly.

As we have learned, although collect the specific executive detailed rules of praedial property tax and measure to had not come on stage at present, but basic framework is clear already. Namely, estate of duty of will active house property, city value added tax of duty, land and gold of land sell one's own things collect fees amalgamative, translate into house property retains the property tax that level unites collection. Disclose according to authoritative personage, at present although the scot level of property tax has not decide, but basic principle is to calculate active estate tax and segment of estate development construction scientificly to collect fees overall dimensions, your property tax comparatives basically to it.
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