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Ask for property tax to be faced with evaluate difficult problem
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House price rises continuously your public is anxiety-ridden, be put forward ceaselessly about the proposal that collects property tax to stablize house price, recently, cry is blame Chang Zhigao more, somebody already began to cast the specific time that imposes property tax. Tax of a lot of person hope property can rise to make person of store up room " can afford live not to rise " action, achieve the goal that controls house price thereby. But, ask for property tax to be not so simple, still a lot of difficult problem are overcome urgently.

Building city drops in temperature gradually, "The person that fry a room " beginning fight in some places one by one " fry orchid " ...

A the most immediate problem is, according to what property tax is collected? Somebody suggests, will collect according to housing area, housing area is larger, assumed property duty is more, this sounds it seems that fair and reasonable. But if be collected accordingly, one is located in a city the housing of the 120 square metre outside 4 annulus, the small family of 80 square metre that should rank downtown than housing pays the property tax of 50% more, but, the housing of 120 square metre outside be located in price of the small family of downtown housing to may compare 4 annulus even tower above a lot of, be calculated only with the area is duty lost fair? After all, the traffic cost that the person place that lives outside 4 annulus bears wants far outclass to live in the person of downtown. Additional, two have the family of same housing area, former likelihood is 3 people even a person, latter likelihood is 5, 6 people, because always plan imposes property tax,calculate with the area only apparent endless also and reasonable.

Actually, those had imposed the state of property tax on the world, delicacy has come for the standard with the area plan those who ask for, more vendibility that are a house property and land regard plan duty as the basis. This is decided by the property of property tax. What the property tax that a lot of person place understand points to commonly is categories of taxes, but say exactly, property tax is not a name of specific categories of taxes, however a category in taxation classification, accordingly, property tax itself calls belongings duty again. Generally speaking, opening the purpose that imposes property tax is to achieve fairness, its principle is: When taxpayer lacks capacity of burden property tax, that may transfer house property in the hand of the person that have pay taxes capacity, thereby, the use value that is helpful for increasing house property and economy run efficiency.

Accordingly, the plan tax basis of property tax, the vendibility that the current practice on international is basis house property is not an area. Of course, also have the way of a few extraordinary, for instance, american California is a basis praedial obtained cost levy. But, no matter the sort of computation means, have a core, namely the value of house property (include vendibility and blame vendibility two kinds) . This is great majority has opened the way with the general state that imposes property tax, our country estimation also can use the current means on this kind of international, the problem depends on, vendibility comes out through evaluating computation, and just is on this crucial link, the one big soft costal region that reveals an our country -- , the property right system with clear lack.
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