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Build village heating to have assure to develop business pay bail of 50% heat ad
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Enter heating period the 2nd day, because cop reachs rush to repair of electrified wire netting, the heating that still has partial dweller village is affected. Additional, the heating problem that builds a village individually also becomes the heat that the citizen pays close attention to. On November 2, the reporter undertook investigating interviewing at this point.

Live in iron on the west a dweller of Ou Yunfeng home makes a telephone call to our newspaper, say oneself still do not have heating now. The reporter connected a line respectively that day area heating does iron on the west and iron of company of China hair heating on the west heating 3.

Area heating does iron on the west Director Huang takes this matter height seriously. After the telephone call that receives a reporter, he sends a staff member to be driven toward the spot to understand a situation instantly. 3 controller tells heating the reporter, cloud peak home belongs to new village, there is one to be in a garage to run inside the village at present water, heating place is being contacted with development business now. To assure village dweller heating, close the valve of the garage first. Look from current condition, everything is normal, should not delay the normal heating of village dweller.

It is reported, municipal government already asked concerned branch solves good part to enter the heat addition issue that leads low village, by development business pay the heat addition bail of 50% , be in charge of doing work of good heat addition by heat addition enterprise.

That day one big early, "96191 " the heating that greets again appeals to beg a height, but the phone is measured already relatively the head decreases one day somewhat. The reporter understands, the village of violet county town of occurrence breakdown of heating head day appeared again that day breakdown, do not cross dweller heating should can restore that day. Additional, because of outer net power cut or the reason that are tubal net, heating of village of share of market of north of hill of area of aunt of Zhong Yuanyi and garden of city of beautiful garden, lion, emperor is affected, but the rush to repair of do all one can that waits for a branch through heating, at present the heating of these a sector of an area and dweller village already got resumptive.

(Shenyang evening paper)

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