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Roll out property tax to you can lower house price?
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Chinese estate association put forward those who settle building city to suggested at 7 o'clock recently, among them the first is, the proposal advances property tax to come on stage quickly, decrease secondhand the business tax of section of room shedding swivel. And before this, national hair changes appoint the city that group of task of analysis of economic situation of macroscopical economy academy also suggests to choose partial issue to be highlighted quite serves as pilot, impose property tax as soon as possible.

Building city drops in temperature gradually, "The person that fry a room " beginning fight in some places one by one " fry orchid " ...

So, the property tax that is given great expectations by people whether reducing house price respect to serve as somewhat?

If will do according to the proposal of estate association, although leave,ask for property tax to produce an effect very hard also to house price. Because drive house price at present,the main factor that rise is a spec was not restrained, if acclaims behavior this kind not to suffer keep within limits, although leave,ask for property tax to also prevent house price to rise quickly hard. The truth is very simple, more or less is of property tax the time decision that keeps in hand of the person that fry a room by the building, if fry a room person fall in good anticipation, in half an year or succeed with respect to resell in a year, property tax fries room accrual photograph to compare with its still is negligible not plan, resemble Shenzhen especially such house price 5 months go up with the city that photograph comparing exceeded 50% last year, property tax may be not worth an odd of accrual of the person that fry a room!

According to media coverage, shenzhen now already by " the whole people is fried " enter " the whole people fries a room " . " Shenzhen blue book: Chinese Shenzhen develops a report (2007) " test and verify this: Shenzhen is registered in book a total of person of commodity house property right 1.095 million person-time, 30.31% what housing total a cycle of songs in a traditional opera occupies with respect to the housing of pass on inside the half an year after getting property right card. Those who see speculation buy a house is serious.

According to the proposal of Chinese estate association, leaving impose property tax while, should decrease secondhand the business tax of section of room shedding swivel, decrease be on the move cost, corresponding, also will reduce the cost of the person that fry a room, this as good as at in front with property tax " close " , after that the face is used reduce the business tax that sheds swivel part " loose " , one " close " one " loose " between, with respect to the inhibition that should have property tax originally house price action was dissolved.

Apparent, want to lower house price, pure support rolls out property tax is no good, must severe blow fries the congenial measure such as the room to be covered suitably, for instance, resemble Singapore in that way, trade to those who be as high as 100 % is being collected in the person of building of the resell inside 10 years duty, run rampant with respect to agreeable of can effective keep within limits. Below this kind of circumstance, property tax ability produces due effect.
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