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Publish property tax anything but can mere because of adjusting control
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The target that property tax should accord with duty to change is oriented

Total bureau of national tax Wu and Ministry of finance criticized estate imitate tax recently pilot (" idling " pilot) enlarge 10 from 6, relevant official expresses, pilot next year turns to move actually likely. Since 2003, the preparative work of property tax began, if want to come on stage formally, the job that still has a lot of needs to do, for instance standing committee of the figuration of tax system plan, National People's Congress is discussed etc.

Building city drops in temperature gradually, "The person that fry a room " beginning fight in some places one by one " fry orchid " ...

Current, increase " idling " pilot and " idling " will change " solid turn " message, be understood to be real estate by a few people a measure of macroscopical adjusting control. Before this before long, new house borrowed policy to raise room of the 2nd ring to borrow money head pay scale and interest rate; Ministry of land natural resources is mixed strictly further the action of normative land is patted hang a system, demand development business is seasonable money paid for something purchased or received for something sold of sell one's own things of capture clear land.

The angle that reforms from tax system considers, of property tax publish need is careful and long-term course; And if be to regard an adjusting control as measure, it should come on stage quickly. There is contradiction between these two targets. The target that tax system reforms is simplify and stabilize tax system, add tax regulations for adjusting control to be able to make tax system complex and changeful.

Cost of estate respect tax is phyletic and at present various, include gold of land sell one's own things, farmland to take up estate of royalities of land of duty, town, estate tax, city value added tax of duty of duty, business tax, agree, stamp duty, land, income tax ten kinds, in addition each district still has a few " characteristic " collect fees project. Cost of many kinds of tax caused the difficulty that collect and runs a side. The target that tax system reforms is to make tax system to " broad tax base, little categories of taxes, low tax rate " international rule change, according to such requirement, property tax should be to replace existing many categories of taxes and collect fees project, revenue total won't have too much increase. But the adjusting control target that hits adventurer asks, property tax should be the measure that impose tax, other categories of taxes still may be withheld. Tax system will become complex.

If be only,publish property tax for adjusting control, may affect the stability of tax system. At present real estate is in prosperous phase, impose property tax to check a seize a chance to seek private gain, so, pass a few years again, if real estate turns into flat phase, invest for stimulation, whether should abolish property tax again? Macroscopical economy is had periodic, adjusting control measure is to be aimed at short-term situation commonly, if regard adjusting control as measure property tax, that makes the brand of short-term situation with respect to hard to avoid, the likelihood appears periodic change, this and the target photograph that tax system reforms stable tax system not agree with.
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